What are RAS oncogenes?

What are RAS oncogenes?

RAS is a family of proteins which stay upstream of a cell signalling process that ultimately activates genes directly involved in cell growth. According to early research, a set of three human-occurring RAS (H, K and N) are implicated in over 25% of all human cancers, and are the most common human oncogenes. As such, they present great therapeutic targets in cancer treatment.

What is a monoclonal antibody?

A monoclonal antibody or mAb is an antibody produced in the laboratory from a single ancestral plasma cell

What Is Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma?

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (also known as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or NHL) is a cancer of the lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells and an important part of the immune system.

What is INI1 and SMARCA4?

INI1 and SMARCA4 are subunits of SWI/SNF, a chromatin modifying protein complex, which opposes the activity of PRC2, the complex within which EZH2 resides.