Theratechnologies’ tesamorlin granted new US patent on treatment of NASH & NAFLD

This patent, which is scheduled to expire in 2040, stems from a patent application filed in March 2020 by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Theratechnologies has an exclusive license with MGH to this patent. 

The company submitted a phase 3 study protocol to the U.S. FDA in early September 2020, with the aim of beginning clinical trial in 1Q-2021. 

Theratechnologies  intends  to  use  a  new  investigational  formulation  of  tesamorelin,  known  as  “F8”,  for  the  conduct  of  such  Phase  3  clinical trial.  The  Company  is also working  on  the  development  of  a  convenient,  multi-dose  pen  injector  using  the  F8  formulation.