Gilead’s Oncology Pipeline: An Assessment

  • Gilead’s story is unique: The company lost $50 billion in market cap in 12 months.
  • After blindly trusting this company for 2 years to make a move, we realized something: This company doesn’t have a clue outside of HCV.
  • Its oncology efforts are poorly conceived, and cannot replace blockbuster HCV drugs as of now.
  • To replace a revolutionary drug pipeline, it needs to find another revolution.
  • This article assesses its onco pipeline. The next article in the series will discuss the biggest revolution in onco-heme right now.

By Dr. Udaya K Maiya, MBBS, MD, DNB, DCCF-Paris

Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) lost its balm two years ago, when fears of a decline in its HCV franchise saw the stock plummeting from its $120s all time highs to the sad avatar that it is today of an once-mighty stock giant - $60 and change.

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