Epizyme: Why Is Big Pharma Interested In This Small Biotech?

  • Epizyme has million-dollar collaborations with a number of big pharma companies.
  • The company does not yet have any Phase 2 results.
  • However, the company is a pioneer in HMT inhibitors.
  • Related inhibitors, HDACs and DNMTs, have been very successful.
  • The company has enough cash to see it through trials.

By Dr. Udaya K Maiya, MBBS, MD, DNB, DCCF-Paris

Epizyme's (NASDAQ:EPZM) unique selling proposition is that despite being an early-stage company, it is a leader in a subclass of a class of drugs that has seen considerable success. That broad class has had a number of big pharma involvement; however, Epizyme's particular niche is dominated by one company - Epizyme itself.

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