Amgen: A Dividend Powerhouse Despite A Maturing Portfolio

  • Amgen announced its third-quarter dividend at $1.15 per share.
  • The dividend yield stands at 2.64%, registering 15% growth.
  • Amgen awaits the FDA decision for Repatha’s label expansion.

By S.Mitra, MBA (ISB)

Amgen Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:AMGNannounced its dividend for the third quarter of the year, continuing the longstanding trend which makes this stock an interesting candidate for long term investment. A lot is written on Amgen’s drug portfolio, but what is less covered is that Amgen is one of the most attractive dividend stocks in the market with a solid yield at 2.64 percent. Combined with capital gain of over 19 percent this year so far, Amgen has both short term and long term potential. Amgen is especially lucrative for investors who are looking to build an income portfolio as the company has maintained its regular dividend payment since 2011. Apart from regularity, dividend payments have also shown steady growth in monetary terms as well. The dividend payment capacity of a company is inextricably related to its operating performance and Amgen seems right on track.

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